How to write the perfect eBay listing title!

You know, you hate writing.


But without it, there is no way to build a successful eBay business - after all, you need to write product titles and descriptions. Well, you can outsource these tasks at any time, if you are willing to spend money, but even so - I highly recommend learning how to write good listing titles and descriptions before you start outsourcing! Otherwise, you will not be able to provide accurate instructions to the author and will end up with mediocre results.


In today's blog post, I want to talk specifically about how to write a title for your eBay list!


Ok, I mean:


Give you the highest position in your search results;

Effectively presell your product;

Make your list stand out!

You may be thinking - listing the specialties of the titles, they are simple and easy, right? Well, listing the titles may seem easy, but the question remains why most people on eBay look like they were written by a 3 year old child?

This is not just the visual effect of these poorly written listing titles; they also affect search locations and clickthrough rates! So they not only look bad, listing the headlines directly affects your sales! Essentially, list headings and gallery images are the most important things in your list because they determine whether a person will click to read the rest of the description.


So let's learn how to write a perfect eBay list title to get the best clickthrough rate and the best position in the search results!


Do and don't do when writing eBay list titles!

If you look at the help section of eBay, write down the list headings and descriptions, here are the things they suggest you should do when writing the title of the list:


Use descriptive keywords to communicate clearly and accurately the products you sell. You can use up to 80 characters. You don't have to use all 80 characters.

Includes the brand name of the product, artist or designer.

Includes project details. For example, include size, color, and condition.

Explain exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name.

Do not use multiple synonyms or plurals. Searching does not require it and may make your title less attractive to buyers.

Omit punctuation and asterisks.

Do not include 'wow' or 'look'. Buyers will not search for such words.

Use the correct spelling.

Don't worry about creating grammatically correct sentences.

Don't overuse acronyms.

Do not use all uppercase.

I agree with all of the above! If you follow these basic guidelines, your listing will be great! To make them exceptionally good, follow these tips:


1. Always use MAIN KEYWORD to start the list title, or at least at the beginning of the title. This plays a crucial role in the search results. If you want to rank higher, you want to mention your product in the BEGINNING of the title.


For example, if you sell a black cover for iPhone 5, make sure the words "Black", "Cover" and "iPhone 5" are at the beginning of the title, as shown below:


Black iPhone 5 cover | PREMIUM quality + free screen saver!


2. Capitalize the first letter of most words to make your product details easy to read.


Take a look at these two titles:


New Apple iPod for sale, free shipping within the UK




New Apple iPod for sale! Free shipping within the UK!


I don't have to say which of the above two titles looks better and is easier to read...


Don't overdo capitalize. Only a large number of words will be selected, otherwise it will be too confusing.


3. Capitalize all the letters in the power word. Power words are usually the keywords that best describe the products for sale or promote features/benefits.


If you want to emphasize something, please capitalize it. E.g:


Real Adobe Elements 11 - BOXED | Free shipping within the UK!


With such a title, you emphasize that the product being sold is a real product, because many people are afraid to buy software on eBay because there are many copies that are sold. In addition, by capitalizing the word FREE, you will pay special attention to the shipping cost of this item is free.


4. Don't spam! This is such an obvious rule, but many sellers still don't follow it and end up with such a list title:


These headlines are very difficult to read and can result in low clickthrough rates. In addition, someone may report your list, which may result in cancellation due to policy violations. When you have a long-established GTC list and have implemented dozens or hundreds of sales, you don't want to happen!


5. Don't fill in the title with irrelevant words just to make it 80 characters!


Sometimes the less the better. Short titles can actually increase clickthrough rates. If you have nothing to say about the items you sell, don't mess up or do keyword stuffing - it doesn't have any benefit at all.


Typically, you can fill in unused characters by covering only more features of the product or details about shipping or free gifts included with each purchase.


These are basic guidelines and are very simple. Can't find any excuses here, just stick to it!


eBay also tells us what we should not do when writing the product list title. Violation of these rules may result in the cancellation of the list, even in severe cases:


Do not include false or misleading information.

Do not include a website address, email address or phone number. The exception is the sale of domain names.

Do not use defamatory or obscene language.

When trying to market or promote your products, don't use the following words:

o prohibited

o prohibited

o illegal

o illegal


Do not use any other descriptive words that may challenge the legality of the project through government or eBay standards.

Brand names must not be included except for the specific brand name used by the company that manufactures or manufactures the items you list. This is called keyword spam and is not allowed on eBay. The list of these types will end and the insertion cost of the list will be automatically credited.

 Again, it’s all self-evident...

In the case of sales of compatible products - that is, products that can be used with branded products but they do not own brands - please ensure that you read eBay's policy regarding the use of brand names in such cases.


The most important rule here is to always use the phrase "compatible with" in the product name.


For example, this is not allowed:


Apple iPhone 5 car charger


If the charger is not made by Apple, you cannot use such a title. What you should use is:


Car charger compatible with Apple iPhone 5


See different? it is good!


I know you will say - but my competitors do this and their list is still valid! Yes, I know that many sellers on eBay are violating the rules but do you really want to bear the risk of your listing being removed due to policy violations? Just report any competitors that use unethical behavior and let eBay handle them. Don't put your business at risk. In the long run, this is simply not worth it.


So these are the do and not doto create a good eBay listing title. Next, let's take a look at how best to build your store listing.


a perfect eBay list title formula

I am a very creative person, so it is very easy for me to list the titles. But if you try to figure it out yourself, a good way is to follow the collection structure of your title, so here's a general formula you can stick to:


Product + function + advantages


3 parts occupy 80 characters allowed:


1) Product - As mentioned earlier, use the product name (usually your primary keyword) to start the list title.


2) Features - It can be color, size, storage capacity, model - anything important to your project and people searching for something. For example, if you sell a memory card, you definitely want to include its capacity and type directly in the list header, because most people use these two parameters when searching, for example:


SanDisk Compact Flash Card - 16GB | 100% Real UK Stock!


3) Advantages - After the product name and main features, if you still do not use the character space, please cover the offer / extra features and even the shipping terms. Anything that makes your offer more valuable can work here, for example:


Free next day delivery!

100% real!

Free gifts included!

2 year warranty!

Includes 2 spare parts!

Amazon five-star rating!

Sold more than 10 000!

and many more

This is not that difficult, right? Product + function + advantages


Using this formula and following my Dos and Don'ts, I guarantee that you will immediately write the SUPERB eBay list title! Once you have mastered the basic principles behind this process, this is not difficult.


If your characters are used up, you can also consider using subtitles. Subheadings can be used to describe your project more broadly, or if you are very important to the product you are selling (such as a laptop), list more technical data.


Subtitles are not free. For commercial sellers on eBay, the UK fee is:


For auction style and buy now - 3 to 10 days listing: £0.35

Buy now for 30 days listing: £1.05

There is no right or wrong way - if you really feel that your listing requires a subtitle, please use it! If you can barely fill the 80 character space in the main title, you may not need it.


If you ask me - I believe that in most cases, the subtitle will increase the click rate, especially if you use that space wisely. At the end of the day, your product title + subtitle is your sales copy! Its like a small ad for your business listing. If this is good and tempting, more people will click on it.


If you are running a GTC list, this should result in at least 10+ sales per month, then the £1.05 fee is not that bad, especially if you are working at a healthy profit margin.


in conclusion

Remember, this is a one-time job - once you write a good list title, it will allow you to reuse it over and over again. So if you take this approach and don't take any shortcuts, you just leave the money on your desktop. how about it? So how is this:


Imagine that you get a clear profit of £10 per item and that your conversion rate is 10%.


Suppose your list is seen by 1000 people, and a badly written list title produces a 1% clickthrough rate (hence, for every 1000 people who see your list in eBay's search results, 10 clicks on it): What effect will it have to write a great list of titles that generate a 2% click-through rate that affects your sales and profits? Let's take a look at the numbers:


A poorly written list headline - 1000 views, 10 clicks (1% clickthrough rate) = 1 sale (10% conversion rate) = 10 pounds profit.

Good list title - 1000 views, 20 clicks (2% clickthrough rate) = 2 sales (10% conversion rate) = 20 pounds profit.

Therefore, the improved list title doubles your profit!


This is a simplified example of course, but I hope you see the difference with a 1% click-through rate. With a poorly written listing title, you can only make one sale at a time, leaving 10 quids in your pocket and having a good listing title - 2 sales and 20 quid profits.


So no matter what your idea is, or how lazy you are, you need to learn to write a good eBay list title so that you can get the benefits of increased click-through rate, increased sales and ultimately increased profits!

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