Rocket your sales 4 - multi-channel sales

Today's business industry is multi-channel, and retailers quickly embraced the attitude of “sell more, sell more”, which is the most successful.

Multi-channel shoppers shop more. Clean and neat.
Nearly 50% of consumers interact with their favorite brands on ten or more channels, and they buy at least once a week. If you use four or fewer channels, this number will drop to 21%.

YANFind encourages our users to sell our products on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Wix, and social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Multi-channel strategies can maximize your digital assets and spread your brand.

You'd better start with one or two niches/categories in the e-shop, because the future of e-commerce is primarily due to the content of the distribution across multiple channels. YANFind offers you a wide range of products. Feel free to locate you.

With a little management and centralization, you get multiple channels of return. You almost always see higher visibility, a larger customer base, and of course more sales.

We recommend the following platforms to promote multi-channel sales:

As long as you source products from YANFind, low cost and free shipping, you can foresee profits and sales. Manually upload photos to the merchandise store and place the order on YANFind. Your multi-channel retail takes off immediately.

YANFind is committed to continuing to provide you with the best possible service.

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